Terms & Conditions of Armourstore Trading/Booking

Armourstore Self Storage Ltd (Company Number 07194680)


1. Your rent will be charged monthly in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Trading below. It is your responsibility to ensure that the payment of rent is maintained in accordance with the agreement. Payment is due to be made monthly in advance. So the payment for a coming months’ rent is made on the first available working day of that month.

2. Your liability for rent will remain up to the date your storage container unit is cleared.

3. It is your responsibility to ensure your storage account does not become overdue. If your storage account does become overdue, we would like to reserve the right that the following measures will be taken. 1. To deny access to your storage unit if your account becomes overdue for more than 2 calendar months. 2. To levy a late payment charge of 2% per month, each month your account is overdue. This will be detailed on each following month invoice. 3. To send reminder letters, that range in strength. And if your account remains unpaid to: 4. To issue a Good Removal Notice if your account remains unpaid for period more than 2 calendar months, to remove your locks and dispose of your goods. Such notice, sent to your most recent supplied contact details, to give 14 days’ notice that such action will occur. 5. To issue Court action, immediately thereafter for any remain balance outstanding.

4. Despite the fact that our self-storage facilities operate with an extremely high level of security, so your goods are very safe, we do not insure your goods in our storage container units. Therefore, please note that the company is not responsible for uninsured losses. Insurance is available to you as an optional extra, ask a staff member for details. If you cannot afford to lose it, insure it.

5. You must at all times ensure that we have a current address and contact telephone number and/or email address to enable us to contact you in the event of any emergency or event that may occur.

6. If you wish to terminate this agreement you must notify us by giving 14 days written notice. This written notice must be by registered mail or by email or fax. The onus is upon you to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you informed us in writing.

7. On termination of the storage your container must be left in a clean and tidy condition. Otherwise all reasonable costs of clearance, cleaning or repair of the unit are to be paid by you.

8. We do not allow the storage of any illegal or noxious substances, livestock or any items that could explode or combust. (A small quantity of fuel within the fuel tank of a vehicle or plant is acceptable). Please note that any oily or dirty goods are to be adequately packaged to ensure the storage unit is kept clean.

9. Goods must not be left outside or on your storage unit. The cost of removal of any rubbish left will be charged to you.

10. If you leave without settling your bill in full, or you do not inform us of the date that you vacated your unit, then we will charge rent up until the date that we become aware that the unit is vacant and all our costs in tracing and pursuing you for any outstanding sums will be charged to your account. Any overdue account will continue to have the 2% per month Late Payment Charge levied upon it.

11. In the event goods are removed arrangements will be made for their sale by public auction and any proceeds from the sale will be used first to offset the debt. Any remaining balance will be forwarded to you. If there is no resale value your goods will be disposed of and the cost of disposal will be added to your account.

12. Lettings are outside of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. 13. We do not store customer credit card details.


Delivery Policy

Merchandise is not a deliverable item, all merchandise ordered online must be collected from your nominated site. The site will contact customers once their order is received to organise collection

Storage is not a deliverable item. The site will contact the customer as soon as the booking is received to arrange access to the storage.

Cancellation Policy

Storage orders can be cancelled up to the requested start date of the storage by contacting the relevant site. Full refunds will be processed within 7 working days in the form of BACS payments.

Merchandise orders cannot be cancelled once payment has been made.