Our storage units are the highest quality you can find, these are the features that make a huge difference to your storage.

Brand New Units

all new units

Whilst our competitors often use old second-hand storage containers, we only ever use brand new units. You can be sure that they don’t leak or have any corrosion in them. The doors fit perfectly, are water tight, vermin proof and totally secure.

features of armourstore - new units

Insulated Roofs

One of the key features of armourstore is that we insulate all of the roofs in our storage units, this makes a huge difference to the temperature and humidity in them – imagine a hot metal roof in the baking sun, and what it can do to anything stored inside! Our units avoid these extremes of temperature and humidity to ensure a consistent atmosphere within them.

features of armourstore - insulation

No Deposit!

Unlike many self storage companies, we don’t charge a deposit for any of our units. So there is no hidden cost to tie your money up whilst you rent from us. Our whole approach is to make it as easy as possible for you, whether you are looking for personal or business storage, just call our helpful team to discuss anything about our storage, we’re here to help.

Easy Access

Armourstore Self Storage near Littleport, Cambs offers a convenient location next to the A10.

Plus don’t forget that you can drive right up to your storage unit and unload straight into it.

easy access