Business self Storage

Maybe you need to store office furniture or equipment from tables, electrical items to over flow stock. Armourstore offers competitive prices for Self Storage near Littleport, Cambridgeshire.

Business Storage near Ely & Littleport

Here at Armourstore we allow small and large Business who requires Self Storage in Cambridgeshire, to use our storage units for Business and Commercial use. You can store any office furniture and equipment from tables, electrical items to filing cabinets, tools and trade equipment. It is the same price as personal storage to make your life easier. Some larger Business’s use Self Storage for inventory management. Whatever your needs Armourstore is your answer. Access 24/7, safe, secure and you are the sole key owner – get in touch to book today.

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We can advise you on the best storage options and offer flexible timescales.

Your business can benefit from our secure, low cost service, just as thousands of others have over the past years. We can help you by providing a temporary or permanent easy access storage solution.

The type of businesses already storing in our units include tradesmen, accountants, publishers, market traders, removals and storage companies, engineers, exporters, eBay traders and dealers in a wide range of goods.

Self-storage is an excellent way of freeing up your expensive industrial or office space and enabling you to operate from smaller premises or even from home. Any type of goods can be stored providing they are legal, don’t need feeding and don’t pose a risk of fire or explosion.

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